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Redmond Interior Design

Interior-Design-Redmond-WA Sage Interiors was established in 2005 as a platform to connect skilled artisans and craftsmen with people looking for remarkable interior design art, furniture, or decorative items and has been serving customers in Redmond, WA ever since. Everyone needs art pieces that are made by hand with love, and offer timeless beauty to meet their Redmond interior design preferences. Our Redmond interior design artworks tell their own sustainable story and are designed to last a lifetime. Through our curated online collections, historic, and eco-chic furniture gallery, and 100% complimentary Redmond interior design services, we will help you to create the home or workplace of your dreams. We curate interior design pieces that cater to various parts of your properties including:
  • Dining and kitchen
  • Living room and storage
  • Bedroom and closets
  • Office spaces
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Redmond Interior Designers

Interior-Designers-Redmond-WA You can shop with us online and in-store, or invite Redmond interior designers to your home or office for a personalized experience. Our Redmond interior designers will offer you expertise and advice, whether you are redesigning a room, remodeling your new home, or need assistance with a commercial project. We know that furnishing your home can feel like a second full-time job. Our team of experienced Redmond interior designers will understand your needs and walk with you through every step that you take towards your desired property. These seasoned Redmond interior designers will resolve all your design problems, complete your project, and simplify your life. Our interior designers possess the skills to work with several interior design styles such as the following:
  • Mid-century modern
  • Industrial era décor
  • Bohemian décor
  • Urban modern interior designs
  • Eco chic unique
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Redmond Interior Decorating

Interior-Decorating-Redmond-WA Our Redmond interior decorating consultants use their knowledge and expertise to find the best furniture and décor options for every property, lifestyle, and budget so it is simple to find designs that suit your style. All our Redmond interior decorating pieces are eco-chic, unique, and have a story. We carefully source Redmond interior decorating furniture that is built with reclaimed and FSC certified woods, and organic fabrics and upholstery. You can rest assured that style and sustainability are not going to be overlooked throughout the scope of our Redmond interior decorating services. Our portfolio is made up of a variety of interior decorating flavors to go with your taste such as these:
  • Modern farmhouse
  • Urban organic
  • Navy and natural
  • Jungle boho
  • French flea market
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