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Portland Spicher Furniture


If you are in the market for Spicher furniture in the Portland, OR area, let Sage Interiors be your first and only stop. Investing in Spicher furnishing is probably the easiest way of transforming your average interiors into a sleek and sophisticated space.

Manufactured by an industry-leading brand, Portland Spicher furniture comes in numbered editions that are sold only through elite galleries and high-end retail stores like ours. We are happy to cater to your requirement for Portland Spicher furniture.

Our Spicher collection store features an impressive and varied inventory. The Portland Spicher furniture products available with us include:

  • Vintage vinyl floorcloths
  • Area rugs
  • Wall art
  • Stained glass

    Stop wasting precious time in search of the Spicher furniture items that are ideal for your property interiors. Come straight to us to get exactly what you need.

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    Portland Spicher Collection Store


    We are a Portland Spicher collection store that has been founded with the express purpose of offering elegant furnishings in diverse styles to suit all homes, lifestyle preferences, and budgets.

    At our Portland Spicher collection store, we believe in helping people create their dream homes by providing one-of-a-kind, sustainable décor products with a timeless appeal. Come to our Portland Spicher collection store to get the amazing artworks and flooring products that complete your home to your absolute delight.

    We strive to be one-stop shop for furnishings and artwork to fulfill all types of décor needs. Get in touch with our Portland Spicher collection store for beautiful wall art to decorate all areas of your home, including:

    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Living room
    • Dining area
    • Home office

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    Portland Spicher Furnishing


    No two homes and homeowners have the same Portland Spicher furnishing requirements! Nobody understands this better than us!

    That is why we do our best to offer a big, eclectic collection in Portland Spicher furnishing products at our store. The discerning property owners who come to us for our specialized assistance with interior designing and decoration can look forward to Portland Spicher furnishing solutions in a variety of styles, including:

    • Retro
    • Urban
    • Industrial
    • Bohemian

    Rely on us for Portland Spicher furnishing options that reflect your refined aesthetic sensibilities and make your home uniquely yours. Regardless of the type and size of the room you are interested in furnishing with Spicher vinyl floor cloths, unique furniture, and/or framed art, we have you covered.

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